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Welcome to RS Games Rummy, an accessible, online, multiplayer version of the card game Rummy. RS Games Rummy utilizes the RS Games client, which allows players to play against each other from around the world, via the centralized RS Games server.

To get started, you will need the RS Games client installed. TO get the RS Games client if you don't have it already, go to http://www.rsgames.org. connecting and logging into the server are covered in the RS Games client documentation. Alternatively, you can use the web client, from which you can play by using your web browser. The web client can be found in the "Quick Links" section on the RS Games home page.

This document assumes you have read the RS Games client documentation first, for general concepts and instructions on using the client. If you have not read this document, please read it before continuing.

If you are using the web client, options referred to as keyboard commands in this document will appear as buttons on the web page.

The Main Menu

Once you are connected, choose Rummy from the list of games, and you will be presented with the main menu. From there, you can create a new game, join a game, or see a list of existing games. Choose an option using the up and down arrow keys and the enter key, or by clicking on the option if you are using the web client.

Creating a New Game

If you choose to create a new game, you will be asked if you want to make the game private. If you choose yes, you can set a password, and only those who know the password will be able to join. After you have made your choice, you will be asked if you'd like to change the target score. At this time, the default target score is 150. If you'd like to change it, choose yes and enter a new target score, otherwise, choose no. Regardless, you will then be placed in your game. Here, players will be able to join your game.

Starting The Game

Once you are ready to start the game, press the Enter key.

Joining a Game

To join a game, choose the Join Game option from the main menu. You will be presented with a list of games that are open for players, along with the people playing in each game. Choose a game from the list, and press enter. If the game is private, you will then be asked to enter the password. Once you are in the game, you must wait for the game master to start the game.

Playing Rummy

In Rummy, each player is dealt a hand of cards. One standard deck of 52 cards is used. If there are two players, each player is dealt 10 cards. In a three or four player game, 7 cards are dealt to each player. When there are five or ssix players, each player is dealt 6 cards.

The object of Rummy is to "go out" by placing all of your cards on the table before the other players. The first player to go out wins the round. When it is your turn, you begin by drawing a card from either the discard pile or the stock pile. Cards in the discard pile are placed face-up, and consist of cards discarded by other players. The stock pile consists of the unused cards in the deck and are placed face-down. After drawing a card, there are several ways to dispose of cards in your hand; melding, laying off, and discarding.


Melding involves placing a combination of cards from your hand on the table. You may only meld once per turn. There are two types of combinations that can be melded:

To meld, choose the meld option from the menu, then check the cards you'd like to meld by pressing the space bar on each card. Once you've selected all of your cards, press enter. If the meld is valid, the cards will be moved from your hand to the melds on the table, where they can later be added to.

Laying Off

Laying off involves adding to a meld already on the table. For example, if there is a group of three 2's on the table, and you have a 2 in your hand, you could add to this meld by laying off.

To lay off, choose the Lay Off option from the menu, and select the meld you'd like to add to. You can then select cards in the same manner as melding.


At the end of your turn, you must discard one of your cards. Choose the Discard option from the menu and select the card you want to discard. This will end your turn, and play continues with the next player.

Winning The Round and The Entire Game

To win a round, a player must "go out", that is, dispose of all cards in his hand. The winner of a round receives a number of points based on the cards other players have remaining in their hand. The first player to reach the target score wins the entire game.


When a player goes out, the other players add up the value of all the cards still remaining in their hands, as follows:

The total value of all the cards in the hands of the other players is added to the winner's cumulative score.

Postponing the Next Round

Sometimes, players will want to open up the game for others to join between rounds. The game master can do this by pressing P at the end of a round. This postpones the start of the round until the game master presses Enter to start it, and adds the game to the list of available games so that others may join it.

In Game Keyboard Commands

There are several keyboard commands that can be used to get information about your current game. At any time, you can press Control+H to hear a list of available keyboard commands.


You can chat with other players at any point during game play by pressing the F2 key, typing your message into the input box and pressing enter. You can also chat at the main menu to other players who are not currently in a game, also by pressing F2.

Background music

To change the volume of the background music during the game, use F3 to lower the volume and F4 to raise the volume. You can also adjust the volume of the sound effects with F5 and F6 to lower or raise the volume, respectively.


You can opt to receive a transcript of your game, that is, an email containing the entire text of your game. When you leave a game, you will be asked if you would like to receive a transcript. If you would, choose Yes, and the transcript will be sent to the email address you used when creating your RS Games account. You can also press F11 during the game, rather than wait until you leave the game to decide.


Thanks to the following people for helping to create Rummy:

support and Contact Information

If you have any problems using any of the games released by RS Games, or have a question, bug report, suggestion, feature request, or anything else, feel free to contact RS Games by sending an email to rsgames@gmail.com.

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